My Vegan Story

  • My week as a vegan – Day 7

    7.15am Coffee with my special milk mix and you know, it’s becoming more bearable the more I drink it. Going to try coconut milk this weekend but I’m scared I’ll fall in love with it, because in SA it costs R54 a litre. That’s five times the price of cow’s milk. FIVE.
  • My week as vegan – Day 6

    Coffee – Breakfast – Lunch = Unsatisfying but manageable – Yum – Yum No big changes in the first half of the day then. I know I’m not quite finished my week, but today I want to talk about how I feel since going vegan. My energy levels have been consistent.
  • My week as a vegan – Day 5

    Over the last 4 days, I’ve proved to myself that being vegan at home is easy (just don’t mention coffee), especially if you are insane like me and do several weeks worth of food prep in one day. But what about when you go out? Well…
  • My week as vegan – Day 4

    Well, at least I’ve done my food prep! This should be a breeze. Let’s get to it… 6.30am Coffee, oat milk, yuck. (Note – I don’t choose to get up at 6.30 when I only need to leave at 8.20. This is what having kids makes you do.) 7.30am Morning smoothie with ingredients that aren’t just banana, hallelujah. 
  • My week as a vegan – Day 3

    Hours spent cooking: 6 Hours spent enjoying cooking: 1 Ok, so maybe I got a little overenthusiastic with my food prep today. In my pressing need to have go-to meals and snacks ready for all occasions, I ended up cooking enough vegan food for several armies and their horses. Luckily horses are vegan too, so there you go.
  • My week as a vegan – Day 2

    7.00am We’ve got the last of our grocery shops scheduled for this morning so I only had time to briefly pop into Checkers yesterday for milk – guess what my choices were? Cow, almond and soya. Sigh. Settled on soya and had a deeply unsatisfying cup of coffee this morning. 8.00am Breakfast – slice of toast with store bought hummus and chopped olives.
  • My week as a vegan – Day 1

    7.15am Made a cup of coffee with rice milk – the rice milk is off. There’s pond scum floating in my mug. This, after my toddler had an hour long tantrum at 5.30am because apparently it’s unreasonable of me to expect her to lie down at that hour and I don’t understand her needs and go away mommy but actually come back so I can smack you.