About Me

In 2015, I started this blog to explore my growing passion for understanding the connection between food and health. I had struggled for years with bloating and digestion issues and was looking for a way to make real changes. My inspiration at first was Australian blogger and nutritionist, Jessica Sepel. I really connected with her sensible approach to nutrition and health as well the wholesome recipes she was developing. As I followed her lifestyle suggestions, I began to notice changes – my constant discomfort eased and I had more energy and ‘brightness’.

But, as it turns out, that was only the beginning of my journey. As I started to develop my own recipes and dive deeper into the facts surrounding health, I discovered a whole world that I had previously been blind to. I learnt the truth about the animal factory farming industry and the benefits of a plant based diet. It felt like breaking through the surface of the ocean after holding my breath for 38 years. In August 2018, I did a trial week of going vegan. I have never looked back.

Embracing the vegan lifestyle has been one of the best things I have ever done. It was also scary, confusing and sometimes downright tiresome. Making a big change is not always easy, but as I shared my experiences on my blog and with my friends and community, I noticed there was a hunger to learn.  People would say to me, oh I could never go vegan – but I’m using your recipes to have veggie dinners twice a week. I realised that people are open to trying something new if you present it in the right way. And that is the basis for my blog today – to inspire people to embrace a more plantbased lifestyle and to give them the tools to do it.

But once again, that wasn’t the end! As I explored being vegan in South Africa, I had to find places to buy the ingredients that I use in my recipes. Now, you may not know your quinoa from your cauliflower or your cocoa from your cacao, and that’s ok! These strange sounding foods are not typical of a plantbased lifestyle, but they are associated with the healthy lifestyle I subscribed to back when I started this adventure. Where possible, I combine my original style of cooking by using these exotic ingredients in my plantbased recipes. But what if people can’t find the products I use, or what if they’re too expensive? From there, the idea for an online shop was born.

My shop sells the dry goods that you’ll find in my recipes – quinoa, nut flour, chia seeds, pea protein. I'm starting small, but the product list will expand as the business grows. I want my recipes to be the inspiration and my shop to be the source. So, watch this space and please get in touch if there are any specific products you'd like me to source. I hope you will find something here that makes you feel the difference and inspires you on your own adventure.