My week as a vegan – Day 2

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7.00am We’ve got the last of our grocery shops scheduled for this morning so I only had time to briefly pop into Checkers yesterday for milk – guess what my choices were? Cow, almond and soya. Sigh. Settled on soya and had a deeply unsatisfying cup of coffee this morning.

8.00am Breakfast – slice of toast with store bought hummus and chopped olives.

11.30am Finally the shopping is done! Things should get easier once I do some food prep. Soya milk latte at our local kids play place. I was hungry but the menu is super kid oriented – mini burgers, pizza and toasted sandwiches. Mark had a mini pizza while I played with Lexi and told my self I don’t really like pizza anyway. I think I was about 20% convincing.

1.00pm Lunch – Denny crumbed mushroom burger topped with olives, lettuce, hummus and Sriracha. YUM! This is definitely going to become a convenience food staple for weekends.

3.00pm Kids party time. Avoided all cheesy looking chips and snacked on a few bits of popcorn, but honestly it didn’t matter as there was G&T for the adults. My awesome cousins know what counts.

6.00pm Headed off to some friends for dinner. I’d let Gary know I’m fine with veggie, but he went one further and made the BEST smoked bean vegan Mexican mix which we ate with corn chips, salsa, guac (yes, I even ate the guac) and cheese for everyone else. It was sooo good, I’m going to get the recipe for you guys because you have to try it! Thanks G.

HOWEVER. While the main meal was fine, the starters had me pining for days of carnivorous yore. I’d brought cucumber and hummus (surprise surprise) to snack on but there was a tray of braaied chicken wings, smelling like heaven on a stick, that I couldn’t eat. The regret was real. Up until a week ago I was still eating chicken in small quantities. I’ve been ok with the idea of not having it, but braaied chicken is pretty much one of my favourite things on the planet. Imagine someone told you that you weren’t allowed to watch Game Of Thrones Season 8. EVER. You’d always wonder what might have been. This is my chicken situation.

Day 2 verdict

Tomorrow I’ll try oat milk in coffee and I’m tentatively hopeful. I don’t actually mind soya milk in ‘proper coffee’, but the fact is at home we are busy (and somewhat lazy) and we also like the taste of instant coffee (that guilty secret you’re not supposed to share), so that’s what we make. And it really doesn’t work with soya.

Giving up chicken wings hurts my predatory heart, but I’ll go and look at pictures of baby chicks online to build my resolve. It’s like the reverse of porn, in a weird way. Please excuse my train of thought, it must be all the hummus.

Where it all started – catch up with Day 1’s story.

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