• Ten best sources of plant protein

    When people find out I’m vegan, the second question I get asked is where do you get your protein. The first is inevitably, but don’t you miss steak hey!! (honestly nope, not anymore)   With the massive plant based explosion in the last couple of years, general knowledge about plant proteins is on the rise.
  • Breaking down today’s diet trends

    Sometimes I write posts for you guys – inspirational (I hope) recipes, nutrition facts, food vs health, etc, and sometimes I write them for myself. This one is for me out of pure interest, but hopefully it will be informative and appealing to you as well.
  • Fresh vs frozen food

    I love it when my friends give me health topics to research. The reason I started this blog is because I want to know these things. I want to combine my passion for health with an expansive knowledge of what it really means to be healthy, while staying up to date with the ever-changing trends and studies that keep emerging.
  • Alternatives to sugar

    Yesterday we put sugar on trial and found it guilty as hell. But a world with sweet things is a sad world indeed, and I happen to like happiness and cupcakes. So, what are the alternatives? It’s important to note that while there are better alternatives to sugar, using them doesn’t mean that your baking is now sugar free.
  • The truth about sugar

    In recent years, sugar has become the O.J Simpson of foods. Once an innocent delight, loved for the smiles it brought to kids’ faces, it now languishes on dietary death row with armchair prosecutors around the world decrying its great evils. The social media jury has a point.
  • The truth about fats

    As I’m sure you know by now, I don’t eat gluten – or very little of it anyway (I say, sitting at my desk with a large piece of gluteny, dairy-filled chocolate mousse cake in front of me….Cake Fridays are cheat days!). Earlier this week I wrote a post about the theories behind gluten intolerance, which you can see here over at Full Circle Wellness
  • Spotlight on Cacao

    In the words of Jon Snow, winter is coming….or it’s already here, depending on your capacity for cold. After 8 years in London I would expect my tolerance to be a little higher than your average Capetonian (the coldest people in the world, don’t you know?), but in the year and a half that I’ve… Continue reading Spotlight on Cacao
  • Spotlight on Chia Seeds

    Along with gluten and wholefoods, another word currently basking in its 15 minutes of fame is superfoods. Superfoods basically describes all foods thought to be nutritionally dense and therefore containing exceptional health benefits. I say thought to be, because the medical science jury is still out on this one.
  • The gluten gremlin

    I lived in London for 8 long, adventurous years. While I was there I started my health journey, and when I came back in October 2013 I was enthusiastically waving my gluten free, lactose free, minimal refined sugar banner. My family’s reaction – who the hell is gluten and why did you have to free yourself from him!?