• Roasted Butternut Linguine with Pesto Breadcrumbs

    In our house, pasta is on the menu at least once a week. During lockdown it was actually on the menu four times a week, but we are working on changing that because summer bodies are not made of pasta. Stupid world.
  • The Creamiest, Cheesiest Vegan Pasta

    I have a weird and rather disappointing history with mac & cheese. When I was young (oh the sting in those words), my mom used to make an enormous pan of the stuff on Sundays and it would be eaten for Sunday dinner, Monday dinner and multiple leftover lunches during the week.
  • Vegan Alfredo Pasta

    As a teenager, I was obsessed with Maggie’s 2 minute noodles. To be honest I still am, but I tend to avoid them due to their nutritional junk status (oh to be young and uninformed!).  I do, however, occasionally make them at festivals. I believe it’s ok to inhale a bowl of pure preservatives at festivals – it feeds your feel-good endorphins.