• Healthy, Fudgy Chocolate Cake

    Yesterday's instagram post about the secret ingredient in this chocolate cake produced some great answers. I am now inventing recipes in my head fo...
  • Banana Peanut Butter Fridge Tart

    I’ve written quite a few posts about having a baby, but not much about feeding one. Luckily whether I’m feeding myself or my daughter, it works out to pretty much the same menu – so don’t worry, this is not about to turn into a baby food blog! I have a very straightforward approach to to healthy eating.
  • Accidental Blondies

    I was making brownies the other day and I got halfway through the recipe before realising I had no cacao powder. I did, however, have cacao nibs, so I made a few hasty adjustments and came out with Accidental Blondies – brownies that aren’t brown, but in this case have chocolate flavour from the nibs and dark choc chips. 
  • Raw Chocolate Protein Brownies

    Sometimes I wish I had more of a sweet tooth. I realise that’s a strange thing to say. You see, I’m the savoury person who smugly says no thanks to chocolate, only to savage an entire family-size bag of chips the second no one is looking. The fact is, it’s easier to turn sweet recipes into healthy versions.
  • Healthy Rocky Road

    Rocky Road is the stuff childhood dreams are made of. The crunchy biscuit surprise as you bite into the sticky chocolate square, the stringy marshmallow that stretches like melted cheese tightropes to your mouth. It’s hard to imagine a world where kids don’t get to experience this delight.
  • Healthy Chocolate Fondant

    It might seem like an oxymoron, using healthy and chocolate fondant in the same sentence, but once you get into the swing of it you can make almost any dessert healthy by substituting a few key ingredients. Before I give you the recipe, this is good to time talk about what makes a dessert healthy.
  • Chocolate Fudge Bites

    I officially have a baby bump. It’s not very big and if you didn’t know, you could be forgiven for thinking I’d gone into a chocolate shop and come out packing. But it’s there, and my jeans are getting tight. It’s a weird sensation to eat lunch and feel three times as full as you should because your pants are like, dude hey, what’s with the crowding?