• Roasted Butternut Linguine with Pesto Breadcrumbs

    In our house, pasta is on the menu at least once a week. During lockdown it was actually on the menu four times a week, but we are working on changing that because summer bodies are not made of pasta. Stupid world.
  • Roosterkoek on the braai

    My top tips for lockdown so far are pretty pedestrian: drink a crap load of wine and make great food. And carbs. Carbs are great food and they go extremely well with wine. Winning all round.
  • Gluten Free Veggie Bread

    Going gluten free means you cut out an entire range of delectable goodies. No longer does your hotel breakfast buffet include several rounds of croissants and danishes, never mind the muffin you used to stuff in your bag for later (come on now, we’ve all done this!). Pancake Day becomes just Pan Day, and birthday confections are relegated to childhood memories.