Naan Sliders

Naan Sliders plantbased pantry

Sometimes rummaging in your fridge with zero ideas about what to make produces a cracking dish. I remember watching a Masterchef challenge where the contestants were each given a fridge containing ingredients they’d find in their fridges at home – presumably chosen by their significant other, or maybe they had to write a list before the show started. They had to make a dish using only the ingredients in their fridge.

This is my kind of challenge. For some reason I adore cooking under difficult circumstances. No *insert essential ingredient here* – no problem! Let me find you a substitute for that. Not so secretly, I want to try out all the challenges on Masterchef, but without the time limit. Which kind of takes away all the fun, I realise this, but you know, this is my make believe world and I make the rules.

These naan sliders are super simple and came about from a good old fridge rummage. I actually can’t take credit for them – they were Mark’s idea and I think he actually did most if not all of the cooking. But I have a blog and he doesn’t, so #sorrynotsorry

Naan Sliders


  • Large flat brown mushrooms (braai mushrooms)
  • Naan bread
  • Vegan mayonnaise
  • Hummus
  • Vegan cheese/cashew cheese sauce/cheese of choice
  • Avo
  • Lettuce
  • Tomato
  • Chilli sauce


  1. Sautee the mushrooms in a pan with a little olive oil and add seasonings of choice – soya sauce, red wine, a tbsp of stock, spices – be creative.
  2. Toast the naan bread under the grill.
  3. Assemble your slider as per the pic and enjoy!



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