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  • Lockdown Diaries: Day 14

    Yes, that tiny orange chair in the photo is mine. In this house, the adults get the cheap seats…or the seats that are inaccessible to the dog/kid. The hammock is still safe because neither one can climb in on their own (although they both try).
  • The elemental repercussions of having a baby

    So then, back in the game after nearly 6 months! Although I say back in the game with some reluctance. I feel a bit like a boxer who once had a great right hook but lost his hand. Or the drummer from Def Leppard. I’m as skeptical as you are about this return.
  • Detox O’Clock

    It’s cold, wet and miserable, aka brilliant hibernating weather. It’s also the time that the dreaded D word gets kicked around – no not Diet, Detox. Fundamental for all yet friend to none; t’is the season to deprive one. Ok, so it’s not so unlike a diet.
  • Savasana vs Sauvignon Blanc

    I have two rules that I follow religiously in my health journey – don’t let healthy be boring, and never stop drinking wine. This blog has been years in the making, mostly in my head. I have wanted to share my passion, my recipes and my very normal approach to being healthy for as long as I’ve been doing it, and I have been ‘writing’ blog posts mentally the whole time.