Personal Blog

  • My 2020 challenge

    By the look of my last post, taking a break from Facebook also meant taking a break from blogging. It wasn’t planned, but it coincided with a pretty busy period in my life and it worked out well.
  • Surviving #fitspo on social media

    Maybe it’s because I’m raising a little girl. Maybe it’s because for the past couple of years I’ve been working really hard on loving myself – and therefore my body – exactly the way I am. Maybe it’s simply because it’s everywhere and it’s hard not to think about something when it’s constantly in your face.
  • In 2018, let’s stop sweating the small stuff

    It’s a new year, it’s a new day, it’s a new liiiiiiife….for meee….and I’m feeling….FAT. Oh, the curse of the festive season. For those of us lucky enough to overindulge (because many people go hungry over Christmas – just adding to your January blues for a minute #sorrynotsorry), January is inevitably a time for self-recrimination, guilt and regret.
  • Pressure and the need to be perfect

    I’ve been thinking a lot about pressure lately. We place so much pressure on ourselves while living this incredibly busy, stressful life that we have. Pressure to look good. Pressure to eat well. Pressure to work out every day. Pressure to be the best husband/wife/mom/dad/son/daughter we can possibly be.
  • Losing the baby weight

    I’ve been wanting to write this post for a while, but I decided to wait until I had some perspective on it. Losing The Baby Weight. I write it with capitals for a good reason. It’s a divisive topic that unfortunately today comes with body shaming, unrealistic expectations and shattered self esteem.