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  • Lockdown Diaries: The Final Stretch

    It's been so many days that nobody can remember a time before lockdown. Staying at home has become so normal that the future of going out en masse feels quite reckless. The idea of socialising in the presence of Other People is fraught with confusing etiquette - how will we greet each other? What if you go for the elbow while they bow?
  • Lockdown Diaries: Day 14

    Yes, that tiny orange chair in the photo is mine. In this house, the adults get the cheap seats…or the seats that are inaccessible to the dog/kid. The hammock is still safe because neither one can climb in on their own (although they both try).
  • Lockdown Diaries: Day 7

    So we’ve managed a week. We are all still alive and we are in fair to middling spirits, with occasional bouts of hopeless tears and/or flaming, psychopathic rage. For a bit of background, my job is not going well. In fact, it’s not really going at all. 

  • Lockdown Diaries: Day 4

    Spending 24 hours a day in the company of your family is an interesting experience. You learn things about each other that you didn’t know. For example, I’ve learned that my husband – who works from home in real life – has built-in coping skills for this crisis that I don’t.
  • Lockdown Diaries: Day 1

    The First Day - Except it’s not really the first day, as I’ve been working from home for a week and schools have been closed for approximately 2 years – sorry, I mean 8 days. We have been practicing for lockdown this past week, mainly by getting in each other’s way and clarifying our new family greetings. 

  • (Not so?) healthy life in the fast lane

    Parenting and healthy living are wildly contradictory terms. When I think of healthy living – and consequently the purpose of my blog, or what I’d love my blog to represent – I see a vision of me in a flowing white dress sitting in lotus pose on a tropical beach at sunset, listening to the… Continue reading (Not so?) healthy life in the fast lane
  • Pressure and the need to be perfect

    I’ve been thinking a lot about pressure lately. We place so much pressure on ourselves while living this incredibly busy, stressful life that we have. Pressure to look good. Pressure to eat well. Pressure to work out every day. Pressure to be the best husband/wife/mom/dad/son/daughter we can possibly be.
  • Losing the baby weight

    I’ve been wanting to write this post for a while, but I decided to wait until I had some perspective on it. Losing The Baby Weight. I write it with capitals for a good reason. It’s a divisive topic that unfortunately today comes with body shaming, unrealistic expectations and shattered self esteem.
  • Having kids: the things nobody talks about

    When I wrote my ‘çomeback’ post last month, I had visions of skidding back into the blogging world, takkies (sneakers) squeaking, armed with daily pearls of sarcastic wisdom to share with all of you. As it turns out, this hasn’t happened.
  • The elemental repercussions of having a baby

    So then, back in the game after nearly 6 months! Although I say back in the game with some reluctance. I feel a bit like a boxer who once had a great right hook but lost his hand. Or the drummer from Def Leppard. I’m as skeptical as you are about this return.