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  • Facebook-less and content: two weeks on

    My facebook detox is going disturbingly well. I say disturbingly because I didn’t realise how much crap I was feeding my brain until I went off it. Without the daily (sometimes hourly) dose of fake news, bad news, argumentative people and general annoyance that comes from spending too much time on social media, I am am noticeably less anxious about the state of the world and I’m sleeping better.
  • A decluttering detox (or how to stay off Facebook for a month)

    I have a confession to make. I consider myself to be a generally healthy person, and by that I mean in mind and body. As much as I’ve explored the connection between food and health on this blog, I’ve also frequently referenced the importance of a healthy mind and balance in all things.
  • Much ado about nothing

    It’s 2019 and people are new year’s resolutioning all the over place. My Tuesday night Grid class had a bunch of apprehensive new faces, the health food aisle in my local Pick & Pay is noticeably low on products like quinoa and almond milk.
  • In 2018, let’s stop sweating the small stuff

    It’s a new year, it’s a new day, it’s a new liiiiiiife….for meee….and I’m feeling….FAT. Oh, the curse of the festive season. For those of us lucky enough to overindulge (because many people go hungry over Christmas – just adding to your January blues for a minute #sorrynotsorry), January is inevitably a time for self-recrimination, guilt and regret.
  • Health blogging & social media

    This was meant to be a recipe post about Raspberry Chia Slices that I made over the weekend. Somehow it turned into my view on social media and the health industry. I make no apologies – sometimes I have more to say than which smoothie you should have for breakfast!