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  • Diary of a desert diet

    I haven’t consistently cooked healthy recipes in so long I almost had to google the concept again before starting this post. Let’s just say a LOT of fun – and chips – have been had in the interim. First up we had family visiting for a couple of weeks, which involved introducing them to some of our favourite vegan recipes (great success) and also drinking wine every day (also great success of a very different type). 
  • Post holiday incompetency

    I have just returned from the most incredible trip to Sicily, complete with best friends I haven’t seen in years, absolutely epic parties and the most magical wedding in the middle. Those 16 days made up one of the best holidays of my life. To those of you reading this who were there, thanks again for making it such a bloody fabulous time! 
  • 4 weddings: the aftermath

    The cake crumbs have been swept up and the bunting has been bundled into the bin. Smudged bridesmaid dresses wait in the queue at the dry cleaner and uncollected wedding favours sit forlornly in a corner. Honeymoons and mini-moons have been embarked on and smiling photos put up on facebook. What will forever be known as The Summer of Weddings has come to a momentous yet rather anticlimactic ending.
  • 4 weddings and a dress crisis

    Aaaaaand breathe. Stop. Look around. Take a moment to feel present. Feel better? Nope, me neither!! The last two months of my life have been some of the most intense summer funning I’ve ever done. For some reason, 2018 is the year the ENTIRE WORLD decided to get married. So far we’ve been to 3 weddings in 5 weeks.