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  • Surviving #fitspo on social media

    Maybe it’s because I’m raising a little girl. Maybe it’s because for the past couple of years I’ve been working really hard on loving myself – and therefore my body – exactly the way I am. Maybe it’s simply because it’s everywhere and it’s hard not to think about something when it’s constantly in your face.
  • Detox O’Clock

    It’s cold, wet and miserable, aka brilliant hibernating weather. It’s also the time that the dreaded D word gets kicked around – no not Diet, Detox. Fundamental for all yet friend to none; t’is the season to deprive one. Ok, so it’s not so unlike a diet.
  • Savasana vs Sauvignon Blanc

    I have two rules that I follow religiously in my health journey – don’t let healthy be boring, and never stop drinking wine. This blog has been years in the making, mostly in my head. I have wanted to share my passion, my recipes and my very normal approach to being healthy for as long as I’ve been doing it, and I have been ‘writing’ blog posts mentally the whole time.
  • Healthy Eating in South Africa (Part 2)

    In yesterday’s post, I talked a bit about the difficulties of buying healthy food in South Africa as opposed to the UK and other developed countries. I’m very aware that this issue, while real and frustrating, is very much a ‘first world problem’ in a third world context. The majority of South Africans have far bigger issues to deal with than whether or not they can afford cacao nibs for their protein balls.
  • Healthy Eating in South Africa (Part 1)

    Today I want to talk a bit about healthy eating in South Africa and the affordability factor – or shall I say, unaffordability factor. When I lived in London, I took for granted how easy it is to enjoy a lifestyle brimming with readily available health food.