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  • Vegan grazing in London

    I recently returned from a whirlwind trip to London with Mark for work (his, not mine). In 9 days we moved house 6 times, travelled approximately 16 hours in cabs or on trains and went to bed drunk 7 times. To say I am in tatters in an understatement.
  • Diary of a desert diet

    I haven’t consistently cooked healthy recipes in so long I almost had to google the concept again before starting this post. Let’s just say a LOT of fun – and chips – have been had in the interim. First up we had family visiting for a couple of weeks, which involved introducing them to some of our favourite vegan recipes (great success) and also drinking wine every day (also great success of a very different type). 
  • Post holiday incompetency

    I have just returned from the most incredible trip to Sicily, complete with best friends I haven’t seen in years, absolutely epic parties and the most magical wedding in the middle. Those 16 days made up one of the best holidays of my life. To those of you reading this who were there, thanks again for making it such a bloody fabulous time!