My 2020 challenge

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By the look of my last post, taking a break from Facebook also meant taking a break from blogging. It wasn’t planned, but it coincided with a pretty busy period in my life and it worked out well. We should never be afraid to stop and take a breath, whether that means a break from social media, saying no to invitations or putting an end to something that is causing us stress because our plates have become too full.

I’m going to refrain from posting a long cliched post about how we all have the power within us to achieve our 2020 goals and life is what you make it and blah blah omg can you just please stop already. I hate that stuff. Yes I know people mean well, but it sounds terribly trite to me. Let’s put something real out there, something that scares us. I’m going to harness some of the courage my 3 year old had this Christmas when she got on her new big girl bike for the first time and just pedalled – no fear, no hesitation, she just did it.

With that, I’m going to write what I hope to achieve this year with this blog, which is to use it as a springboard for a small business – an idea I’ve had for a while but have found every excuse in the book not to follow through. Why? Because I’m scared of failure – who isn’t? And if I don’t start, I never have to worry about my idea or execution not being good enough. So this is my declaration to myself: this year I will do it. I will finally stop making excuses (you should hear them, I can be so creative) and work through the few small obstacles that currently stand between me and my goal, and I will do it. A new year IS a new beginning, however overused that concept might be. But it only counts if you challenge yourself to make that start. I hereby consider myself challenged!

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