4 weddings and a dress crisis

4 weddings and a dress crisis

Aaaaaand breathe. Stop. Look around. Take a moment to feel present. Feel better? Nope, me neither!! The last two months of my life have been some of the most intense summer funning I’ve ever done. For some reason, 2018 is the year the ENTIRE WORLD decided to get married. So far we’ve been to 3 weddings in 5 weeks, while the weekends in between have been taken up with the bachelors and hens. We’re coming up to number 4 next weekend, making this some kind of world record for attending wedding events – surely!

And the dress drama, oh my god. Imagine you had 4 weddings bunched into a few weeks, 3 of them with the same friends. AND you also had a wedding last November, plus 2 the previous summer – how does one even go about dressing for all of them when facebook laughs in the face of your outfit recycling? My girlfriends and I have a group trade and swap going on, but it takes great concentration to make sure you don’t accidentally borrow the dress that someone else wore to a same-friends wedding, because that’s possibly even more awkward than recycling your own. Guys, the struggle is real.

My blood-alcohol ratio currently consists of 20% blood and 80% wine. My feet have calluses from dancing in heels. My nails are splitting from the constant painting and I’ve had to use my hair straightener 3 times in a month – more than I’ve used it in the last 4 years. Having fun is hard work!

But seriously, it’s been pretty amazing to be part of all these stories. All the people getting married are truly special friends. I’ve lost count of the times I’ve had to check my makeup in someone’s mirror sunnies after choking back sobs as the ethereal brides walk down the aisle. I’ve hugged the grooms on arrival, seen the spark of anticipation in their eyes and the slightly nervous shake of their hands as they wait to take their soulmates in their arms for the first time as husband and wife. I’ve nearly lost it over tiny little flower girls, not much older than my Lexi, walking down the aisle like fairy princesses. In short, I’ve had some of the best weeks of my life sharing these times with my favourite humans.

Of course, having fun takes it’s toll. I don’t think I’ve managed to do any food prep for lunches since January. I’m literally existing on chicken schnitzels and toast. My child, who is fast becoming the fussiest of fussy eating toddlers, occasionally ends up with a bag of msg-flavoured rice cakes for dinner, because I’m too exhausted to make the three healthy dishes she now requires to choose from (and sometimes rejects them all). Instead of well balanced snacks, my go-to is coffee. Nutrition has taken a back seat to good times. And you know what? That’s totally fine. I’ll get back to healthy eating, 5 times a week exercise and maybe even getting my kid to eat a vegetable (I wouldn’t bet on that last one, though). But for now, until the last wedding bell has been rung, I will simply go with the flow and dance like no one is watching – or maybe I should say, dance like everyone is watching. Seriously, we are those hot AF people on the dancefloor at 11pm who no one can take their eyes off, not necessarily for the right reasons. We’re the wedding guests you either love or hate. This is a show, people, and we are the STARS (sorry brides)!

The best antidote for falling off the healthy bandwagon? Allow the wave to come, surf the shit out of it and then swim back to shore when the tide is out and start again. It doesn’t matter – if your soul is happy, all the rest will follow. Including long lost vegan series blogs. Happy surfing everyone!

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